WoW, i havnt written on here for a while. ive been so busy (plus we found another website that's jes like myspace xcept for Christians only, sry guys ;) so nothin big has really happened since i last wrote on here. school is jes school, and im tryin to get in the mindset for playin b ball this year :) other than that our lives have been pretty constant, of course u kno it cant be teenageer and not have NO drama. im tellin u, sometimes hypocracy will jes smack u in the face, and on a sunday afternoon too :) lol, sorry thats not really funny! but anyways, the main thing commin up is campmeeting, mmm i feel the holy spirit comin in already :) anyways, thats all i can think of right now so ill write later...peace, and God bless us everyone.
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wats up everyone

hey yall, wats up!?! we've had a good school year so far, and my family and i just adopted a new doggy named tigger. he has brownish orange and white stripes, and is obviously a mixed breed. hes very cute and nice though :) yeah us!!! oh, and we're getting another exchange student at our school tomorrow or the day after, and jessi already knows him from texas. okay well i guess i better go do my homework, God Bless u all!!!!
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wats up yall!?! yesterday nite and this morning we had a concert at our church wit Smokie Norful and Cross Movement! lemmi tell yall, mmm, it was a blessin...Smokie wuz getting, and although we wuz all kinda tired by the time cross movement went up there we still had a fun time! well honestly i dont really feel like writing anymore, so God bless yall :)


Hello everyone, i know i havent posted here in a while, but with school starting up and our new exchange student (my lil sis) its been hard to find the time...anyways, school has been pretty good so far, i have been making all good grades. Um, lets see wat else, the Lord has really blessed me wit alot of peace, because there's been a lot going on lately, yet i still always get the feeling of contentment. i think our youth group is bout to blow up in the consuming fire of God Himself, i mean i can jes see it coming. I cant wait until the book store at church opens so we can party wit Jesus at the concerts and such :) anybody who lives near Richmond should thats all i basically have to say right now, God Bless you all :)
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check it out

Hey everybody, check out my new backround :) this is Barcelona (hope i spelled that right), Spain! isnt is beatiful, i mean from Gods natural creation to the architecture, that place is jes breathtaking. i wanna go there one day, who knows maybe we'll go there after we graduate in '08!
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Exchange student

Hello everyone! well those of you who read my page often or talk to me often know that our family is hosting a Korean exchange student. Well, they just arrived yesterday (all three of the girls were on the same flight). they are all very sweet and we are having fun with all of them! i am looking foward to this next year and what a bond i will be able to make with my new "sister" :) God bless you all!


OMG, VCA'ers go back to school TOMORROW...i am like freaking out!!! its actually like a mixture of excitement and termoil, if you can imagine that...oh Lord, and i got a lot to do 2day cause i dont even have a lunch box yet, much less anything else...except paper. but i guess we dont really need anything on the first day anyways (well, i do kinda need a lunch box). anywho, like i sed b4 the summer has gone by sooooo fast for me, but yet i dont remember the last day of 10th grade. wow everybody, me and my homies r juniors this year!!!! two more years baby, and then we'll all be chillin in Puerto Rico (or Barsolona, Spain)! haha, cant wait for that one. so 2day i have to prepare for Jung Ah's arrival, decorating her room and makin a sign for the airport, and drawing and framing her protrait, and all that other good stuff. wow, why am i still sitting here!?! i have to do all this preparation, AND clean up the house, including my rooms, and fold the laundry, and, do more laundry, and vacuum, and....well i guess i better go, cause u kno the Lord dont like no sluggards :) okay God Bless u all, bye bye
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cute puppy


hello all! well today is a chill/do chores day for me, yesterday me and six other volunteers were that was pretty interesting for various reasons :) but anyways, i decided i would stay home today because i only have 6 MORE DAYS until i dont have that option anymore...huh, and i have so much to do before school starts anyways that im barly gonna have any time to vegetate anyways! but praise the Lord who made learning right? oh well, but yeah i jes want to get away from everything so this is as close as ill get to that. alright, have a blessed day everyone :)

another passage

hey everybody, i was reading the Bible and decided it was time to share something with you again. This is from Luke 12:2-3

"The time is coming when everything will be revealed; all that is secret will be made public. Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear!"

That passage could mean many different things to many different people. To some, it may be a wakeup call, to do all things according to the will of God to the best of your ability. To others it could mean a relief when you realize that anything anyone has ever done to you, will be brought to light before Almighty God, and will be dealt with in a mighty way! Therefore, the only person you ever have to worry about taking care of is you, and believe me, that lightens the load a lot! Now I encourage everyone who understands this message to share it with a friend, or to share something that you think would help them through their day. And to those of you who dont understand, please visit my webpage, and if you get nothing out of that, please email me at the adress at the bottom of the page! God Bless...
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hello...well im not gonna write much but jes that i kno my page is kinda wack(u gotta admit that car is sweet though, thats my ferrari. so i need suggestions, so can those of you who know me please respond to this? thanx and God Bless
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